Chie Filomeno urges public to help displaced jeepney drivers


Chie Filomeno took to social media to urge the public to help out displaced jeepney drivers.

In her Instagram post, she recounted her heartwarming interaction with a group begging for alms.  

The actress said she encountered the jeepney drivers along Katipunan Avenue. On the street, they had a sign held up which read: “Konting tulong lang po sa aming mga jeepney drivers.” 

“Tapos nakita ko sila nakaupo sa side gutter, sobrang hinang hina at walang pag-asa, I wanted to give them something pero that time I didn’t have relief goods in the car and I didn’t have money,” she said.  

Since then, Chie said she couldn’t get her mind off the drivers who were displaced by the lockdowns caused by the pandemic.  

The 24-year-old explained that she sympathizes with these drivers since she and her family have experienced what it’s like to have nothing on their plates. 

“Kaya kahapon binalikan ko sila and I gave them something, hindi malaki pero I hope makatulong sa kanila. Nung binuksan ko window ng car ko nakita ko na sumaya ang kanilang mga mata at hindi sila tumigil sa kaka thank you,” she recounted.  

Chie noted that the man in her photo did not have a mask on but she intends to give him an extra mask when she comes back.  

“Kung makakadaan po kayo ng Katipunan Ave. after U.P Town Center tapat ng Manila Water papunta Commonwealth you’ll see a cartolina on your right andoon po sila, any amount of money or relief goods will be a big help,” she ended.  

When the country was first placed on lockdown back in March 2020, public transport was put to a halt, forcing some jeepney drivers to resort to begging for alms to feed their families.  

As of April 13, 1,948 jeepneys are allowed to resume operations in Metro Manila, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board announced.  

They said 62 routes have been reopened for nearly 2,000 traditional and modern jeepneys.  


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