Sunshine Cruz admits going through ‘denial stage’ after testing positive for COVID-19


After testing positive for COVID-19 last March 27, Sunshine Cruz admitted that she went through a “denial stage” before accepting that she was ill with the virus.  

In a social media post, the Bagong Umaga actress said that she is now on her 20th day of isolation and is still instructed by her doctor not to leave her room until she is clear of any symptoms.  

“I went through a denial stage. It took a while for reality to sink in, I thought I would be asymptomatic and would probably just isolate myself for 14 days to make the people at home will be safe as well. But here I am still isolated with symptoms after already taking different kinds of antibiotics and medicines,” she wrote.

Now addressing her followers, the 43-year-old said the disease is “real” since her past bouts with flu and cough are nothing compared to the coronavirus.

“I am still grateful and blessed that the worst is over. I will be taking a swab test tomorrow and I am hoping, praying for a negative result. I am positive that I will test negative! Claiming it,” she said.  

Sunshine then advised everyone to continue following safety protocols such as wearing masks, face shields and social distancing.  

Early this week, she shared that she is on her way to recovery after experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms. 

Her two other castmates for Bagong Umaga — Heaven Peralejo and Nikki Valdez — also tested positive for the virus.  

While Heaven has not updated her followers yet if she has already recovered, Nikki is already on her seventh day post-recovery.


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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