Denise Laurel urges people to stay home after losing four people she knew this week


With the rise of COVID-19 cases, Denise Laurel made the call to the public to stay home and stay safe as much as possible.

On social media, she urged her followers not to go out for the sake of the people who care about them and vice-versa.

“Anybody else’s heart breaking with all the new cases of COVID? Please for the sake of the people that love (you), (you) love and for yourself please don’t go out unless (you) really, really have to,” she wrote. 

The actress said she acknowledges those who need to go out to work but stressed once again to stay home unless necessary.  

“Praying for everyone and all the families that have lost someone. Just this week I lost 4 people I know. Add that to the 7 people I lost since last year,” she revealed.  

Denise wasn’t the only celebrity who shared her concerns over the sharp increase of COVID-19 cases. Even Broadway icon Lea Salonga couldn’t help but feel “frustrated and defeated” with the surge.  

At the time, the veteran performer reacted to the COVID figures last March 11. The Department of Health (DOH) recorded 3,749 new infections.  

“If you can stay home, please do. If you have to go out, stay as safe as you possibly can. This isn’t over yet,” she wrote on Twitter.

As of March 16, the country has already 57,736 active COVID-19 cases. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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