‘Think long term’: Kyline Alcantara gives love advice to fans


Kyline Alcantara gave her fans big sister advice when she decided to pen a lengthy guide for anyone who’s having love dilemmas.

The Kapuso artist tried to empower her fans by telling them what they deserve in a romantic relationship.  

“You deserve someone who has plans on marrying you someday,” she started. 

Kyline explained that love is not just a game, it’s a commitment and investment to long-term plans in life.  

She then addressed the men who could be reading her little reminder, encouraging them to look at their girlfriends as the mother of their future babies.

“She’ll be your baby mama, partner and best friend in one,” she said.  

The 18-year-old also wrote that if a man can’t picture his milestones without his partner, he should leave her alone.  

She wrote: “If you can’t picture out buying your first house, your dream car, building family with her, leave her alone.” 

Kyline’s reason for all this is simple, because for her, marriage should be the goal for a relationship.  

“Think long term,” she ended.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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