LOOK: Catriona Gray, Sam Milby all cuddled up during the holidays


Celebrity couple Catriona Gray and Sam Milby rarely have sweet photos together online but for the holidays, the two were finally photographed with smiles on their faces, all cuddled up. 

The rare photo was captured by the actor’s personal assistant, Nene Limosnero. She posted a screenshot of them in a video call around New Year’s Eve.  

Just before Christmas Eve, the Miss Universe 2018 shared that even though she was not able to fly back to Australia to spend the holidays with her family, she is grateful to be spending it with new family.  

Since her post, she has been posting photos from her US vacation.

In one video, she can be seen enjoying the snowfall and giving her “videographer” a kiss.

Her most recent post showed a photo of her and her companion’s silhouette. 

Meanwhile, Sam updated his Instagram as he wished everyone a safe holiday season. His location tag on the post indicated that he is in Ohio.  

“Home is where the heart is. I don’t update here often, but I wanted to wish whoever is reading this a happy and safe holiday season & Merry Christmas,” he wrote  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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