‘My eyes, nose, etc. were made by God’: Heart Evangelista on plastic surgery


In a candid Q&A with her fans on Instagram, Heart Evangelista swore that she has never undergone any plastic surgery on her face. 

On Sunday, the GMA star asked her fans for some late night chika on the platform. A question that caught the 35-year-old’s attention was if she has ever gone under the knife. 

“Never done anything to my face. My eyes and nose etc. were made by God. I swear,” she said. 

She continued on to share that she supports medical treatments that improve appearances.

What irks Heart about the topic though is that others refuse to believe her when she’s already denied claims of her undergoing plastic surgery. 

“I have nothing against it. In fact, am for it if ikagaganda mo. I just hate the idea that some people think I’m lying,” she wrote.

“I also scar very bad so that freaks me out — knowing when I’m much older how will (it) do some work,” she added. 

In a past video with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan Philippines, Heart proved that she did not get anything done by showing close-ups of her face where the stitches would have been if she had undergone plastic surgery. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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