Coleen Garcia expected to give birth anytime soon


Coleen Garcia is set to meet her first child soon! The mom-to-be is nearing the end of her pregnancy journey as she reaches her ninth month. 

The actress flaunted her baby bump on Instagram. Her caption read: “9 months.”

Her friends from the industry gushed over her pregnancy glow as they expressed their excitement for the arrival of Coleen and her husband Billy Crawford’s little bundle of joy. 

In another post, the 27-year-old shared how she’s enjoying preparing for the arrival of their baby boy.

“Currently enjoying my nesting period at home and making all the changes, adjustments and improvements we should have made a long time ago,” she said.

“I’d have to say this is one of my favorite parts! @billycrawford is also nesting in his own way, setting up everything he can on his end. All our air purifiers have names now,” added Coleen. 

Coleen, a fitness buff, also mentioned on social media that she’s taking a break from her intense workout routines to rest and prepare herself for her “big day.”

“I’ve been pretty chill throughout this whole pregnancy, and I’ve really been loving and treasuring this time,” she said. 

She added that the only exercise she has been getting right now is walking and prenatal pilates.

“I still feel very much like myself, but better, and I’m just soooooo excited for everything that comes after this,” she said.

Billy and Coleen announced that they are expecting their first child last May 1. 


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