Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff celebrate their first Mother’s Day


This year’s Mother’s Day is extra special for newbie moms Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff. 

The beautiful sisters-in-law celebrated their first Mother’s Day as mommies last Sunday, May 10. 

Solenn, who gave birth to her baby girl Thylane Katana on January 1, happily shared that there is nothing better than being a mommy to her bundle of joy. 

“Nothing better in this world than being your mom. Stay wild my child,” she wrote along with a video of her and Thylane. 

Thylane’s “El Padre” Nico Bolzico prepared a special video for Solenn’s first ever Mother’s Day.

His post on Instagram read: “#Thylane prepared a video for mama’s day this morning and she started crying so we were a bit confused, but at the end we think she liked! A final message from Thylane was: ‘Today is your special day, but to me, every day is special with you. You gave me my life, but that is nothing in comparison with the love and caring I received from you every day. Thanks for being the best mama in the world and for always taking care of #ElPadre and me. We love you so much. Happy First Mothers Day!”

As for Anne who just welcomed her baby girl Dahila Amelie last March 2, shared how magical motherhood is. 

“I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much before even meeting them. From carrying you in my womb, to now, carrying you lovingly in my arms, all I can say is motherhood is so magical. I’ll always love you with all my heart and soul,” she wrote. 

Meanwhile, Anne’s husband, Erwan Heussaff captured her at her happiest as she danced with her firstborn. 

“I keep thinking that I’ve seen you at your happiest, but I still get proved wrong everyday. I never truly understood the intensity of a mother’s love, because I don’t remember being a newborn but now I know that it looks something like this. A quiet little dance, eyes locked on each other, completely oblivious to your surroundings. You’re such a natural mom, “ he wrote for his Instagram post. 

Anne and Solenn both gave birth to their baby girls this year. In a social media post, the latter said their daughters are going to be like sisters. (LOOK: Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff are twinning!

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