Ria Atayde opens up on how she handled her parents’ COVID-19 illness


On March 24, veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez announced that she and her husband Art Atayde have tested positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

After weeks of battling the illness, Sylvia has finally healed and was cleared to go home.

Her daughter, Ria Atayde said she was able to act immediately when she found out her parents had contracted the disease. 

“Siguro kasi student council ako, kapag may crisis, ‘Ay! Wait, what to do?’ I think immediately. Ginawa ko tinawagan ko yung lolo ko, yung tito ko and then after kinoordinate ko na sa barangay at village association para matulungan nila kami para rin alam nila, for the safety of the community and everyday update-update lang,” she said in a report from Pilipino Star Ngayon

The young actress said their family didn’t have time to process the situation, they just knew that they had to be on top of everything. 

Ria said while their parents were confined at the hospital, they maintained their communication and even prayed the rosary at the same time. 

“Nakatulong din na kaming mga magkakapatid nag stay lang sa bahay, magkakasama kami parati. Everyday mayroon kaming movie screening, 2 o’clock may movie time. Tapos may family rosary ng 6:30 pm. Nakatulong din yun, I guess and parati rin namin sila nakakausap,” she ended. 

On April 1, Ria was happy to update her family’s supporters that both of her parents are slowly recovering at home. 

“Although it is difficult and anxiety-inducing knowing that both our parents are positive with COVID-19, all the well wishes and get well soon messages have definitely uplifted our family,” she said. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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