Anne Curtis affirms loyalty to Viva


Anne Curtis will always be a Viva baby.

This was what she promised in an Instagram post that affirmed her loyalty to the talent management agency that “took the chance and believed” in her when she was only 12 years old.

“I’ve been with my Viva Family since the age of 12 (yes, since Princess Dahlia in Magic Kingdom) and this year I’ll be celebrating my 23rd year in the industry and with Viva who have become my family,” she began her post that came with a clip from the 1997 movie.

She went on to recall the promise made by Viva Entertainment big boss Vic del Rosario to her parents at the beginning of her career.

“A story I’ll never forget my dad telling me is when he met Boss Vic, he had told my dad, it will take time, years perhaps, but I will make your daughter a star in this industry… and he kept his word to both my parents. I will forever be grateful that they took the chance and believed in me,” Anne added.

Indeed, two decades after, the now 34-year-old Anne has become one of the most prized stars of Viva and among the most bankable in the entertainment business. She has done over 30 movies and nearly 40 TV shows, and even successfully ventured into the concert scene.

The actress-host is currently on a maternity leave while waiting for the birth of her first child with husband Erwan Heussaff.

She said, “23 years have gone by and here I still am making films and still in the industry and field of art I have grown to love. Although I am taking a little break now, I’ll always be a Viva Teen, Leading Lady and now Mama.”

She ended her post by sending “light and love to my Viva Family whom I know have been feeling down lately. Love you all.”

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