‘Payback time’: Solenn Heussaff pranks husband Nico Bolzico


This one’s for all the times Nico Bolzico pranked Solenn Heussaff. 

Solenn finally got her sweet on revenge on husband Nico for pranking her way too many times. The celebrity couple is well-loved by the internet for their cute and humorous relationship. 

Here’s a throwback of one of Nico’s famous prank on his wife:

This time around, Solenn used her pregnancy to her advantage. Since the actress is ready to give birth anytime soon, she decided to pretend her water already broke, sending Nico in a panic. 

Nico took to Instagram to share a prank well played. He captioned his post: “I knew that one day @solenn was going to get her revenge but I never expected to be today, in our 37th week of pregnancy, our actual due date! I should be upset but instead I am proud! Well played my Padawan! Lesson learned: I am completely useless at times of emergency! Getting more prepared for when the actual day comes. Good boot camp training!”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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