Jasmine Curtis-Smith blasts rapper for transphobic song


Jasmine Curtis-Smith addressed a rapper online for posting a video of him rapping a transphobic song. 

Last Wednesday, the rapper Erich Bongon or “Young Vito” posted the “awit may lawit” video on Twitter. 

In the clip, he had sung about his disappointment meeting a transwoman whom he thought was a biological female at a bar. 

“Ang ganda niya pero parang mali,” he sang in the video. 

Jasmine wasn’t having any of it. The actress expressed her disapproval over the song. 

“Anong problema mo sa mga magagandang may lawit? Ikaw ata may mali. Mag 2020 na soon, tigilan na yang pagkakitid ng utak pls. Report the BS,” she said on Twitter. 

A netizen defending the rapper responded to Jasmine: “Hindi po kasi lahat pumapatol sa ganun just saying.”

She was quick to respond to the netizen. 

“‘Patol’? What a word choice. Kung hindi mo type ang trans then wag mo pansinin, politely decline and move on. Di naman kailangan gumawa ng song to make them feel like ‘mali’ sila for being who they have chosen to be,” she said. 

A day after posting the video, Young Vito released an apology for the offensive song. His apology still did not sit well with Jasmine. 

“Sorry pero di dinelete? For what?” she said. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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