‘Very cinematic’: This is how Ina Feleo met her Italian fiancé


Ina Feleo’s love story has got us weak in the knees!

The Better Woman star got engaged in July 2019 to her non-showbiz boyfriend Giacomo Gervasutti from Venice, Italy. 

Four years ago, Ina was strolling around San Marco in Venice with her mom Laurice Guillen and sister Ana, when she locked eyes with a local who would change her life forever. 

“Naku baka mag pick-up line ‘to,” she thought to herself when he started approaching her from across the street.

“Biglang bungad sa akin, ‘Do you know that it’s illegal to feed pigeons in Venice? Besides, they will fly above you and poop over your beautiful hair. And I would hate to see that,’” she added. 

Ina likened their first meeting to the romantic film, Before Sunset, where an American man and French woman met in Vienna and spent their time together just talking. 

“Ang sabi niya, ‘I have a shop, I’m a photographer. You can pass by later, ’ so dumaan kami maya maya dun nila mommy tapos bumili kami ng picture, tapos binigyan niya ako ng picture, sa likod (nito) nilagay niya yung e-mail niya,” she shared.

According to her, it was refreshing to receive an e-mail address instead of a mobile number. At first, she thought nothing of their little encounter but as time went on, their e-mail exchanges turned into everyday texts and phone calls. 

“Nung sinabi niya pupunta siya (sa Pinas) dun ko na lang na-realize na seryoso siya,” Ina said, recounting her memories from 2016 when they first started dating.

After visiting the Philippines, Giacomo bought a piece of land in San Vicente in Palawan with the thought of building a business in the country. The stars began to align, when he met a Dutch business partner that would help him out in his venture. 

“He’s doing it kasi alam niya yung nature ng work ko. Artista ako so alam niya na di ako yung pwede tumira doon. Pwede yung short periods of time but then my work is here. Siya yung nag-adjust,” she said. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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