Sylvia Sanchez and Art Atayde draw strength from ‘praying as a family’ to fight COVID-19


Ria Atayde, the daughter of Sylvia Sanchez and Art Atayde, confirmed that her parents are slowly healing from the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. 

In a report from Pilipino Star Ngayon, the young actress gave an update to on her parents’ current condition. 

“We have been told that our parents’ lungs are finally cleared from pneumonia. Another test has been done to see if they’re negative for COVID-19 before they can finally go home,” Ria said. 

She stressed that her parents are “not out of the woods yet” as she continues to ask for the public’s prayers. 

On March 24, veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez revealed she and her husband tested positive for the disease. Their son Arjo Atayde assured that those who came in contact with his parents show no symptoms for the virus. 

On Maundy Thursday, the Pamilya Ko star shared in an Instagram story how she and her husband are drawing strength from “praying as a family” virtually for their COVID-19 battle.

“Every night, our family gets together to pray the Rosary. It has really helped lift my and Art’s spirits as we continue to battle COVID,” she wrote.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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