‘Bawat galaw ko nakikita talaga eh’: Julia Barretto on cutting down social media use


Julia Barretto has been keeping her social media affairs toned down. The actress said she does not want to share much of her private life anymore. 

“I don’t want to share so much of my private life and relationships anymore because the less people know, the less they can have an opinion on something,” she said in a report from Pilipino Star Ngayon

She shared that she used to be comfortable with using captions and posting whenever she wants to do so, but after consistent verbal lashing from netizens, she has grown wary with her social media activity. 


“Ako kasi I’ve always felt comfortable posting and putting captions that I want and post whenever I want. But in my case bawat galaw ko, as in bawat galaw ko nakita talaga,” she explained. 

The 22-year-old actress said she has learned to post a side of her that she wants people to see. “Natutunan kong i-post yung mga bagay na yung side lang na gusto kong ipakita,” she said.

Julia has over eight million followers on Instagram. According to her, a social media break is necessary from time to time.

“Honestly, na-realize ko sa akin is yung use of social media depends on the people that I’m with. So minsan when I enjoy the company so much or with the person I am with, invested ako sa pag-uusap namin, sa conversation namin or mas nai-enjoy ko yung company niya than social media. Hindi ko talaga nagagamit at all. Sometimes, I don’t really touch my phone at all,” she shared.

Julia joins Joshua Garcia, Maric Racal, McCoy de Leon, Ina Raymundo and Dimples Romana as cast of the zombie film Block Z, which is now showing in cinemas.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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