‘Choosing to fight is all we have’: Gab Valenciano after being hospitalized


Gab Valenciano took to Instagram to share his thoughts on mental health after a week of hospitalization. Before the incident, the dancer and mental health advocate spoke on CNN about his condition. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression. 

According to him, when he started opening up about his condition, people started reaching out to him regarding their own personal battles. 

“After six long days, I am finally out of the hospital. To understand mental health, you must try to understand people on a different level, which is close to impossible as we are all made differently.

“But that is what makes life so fragile, so vulnerable, beautiful even. The divergence, the fight, the battle and the will to continue on,” he said in his Instagram post. 

He continued on with a reminder for his followers: “Remember, you don’t need to be mentally ill to advocate mental health. We are all subject to mental vulnerability, no exemptions. Your circle will help define the details of your path, so choose them wisely.”

“I post stuff like this not for sympathy, but to show that choosing to fight is all we have, so might as well fight with everything we’ve got. My heart also goes out to every single person who has supported me through this entire ordeal,” he added.

Gab emphasized he is alive to continue the fight everyday. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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