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Sofia Andres’ baby Zoe now has own Instagram account

Sofia Andres’ adorable seven-month-old daughter Zoe now has her very own Instagram account.

Proud parents Sofia and partner Daniel Miranda have set up a social media account for their little angel because they have “a lot of photos of Baby Zoe that are ready to be uploaded,” the former told Metro.Style.

Following Sofia’s shocking revelation of her “little bundle of joy” on Father’s Day, netizens have been gushing over Zoe.

We’ll now be having a dose of Zoe’s cuteness in the photo-sharing app with the account @iamzoemiranda.

As of writing, Baby Zoe’s Instagram has over 140,000 followers already.

Here’s Baby Zoe going to sleep and waking up in the morning – the first uploads on her own Insta.


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