Sharon Cuneta gives update on Fanny Serrano’s health

Sharon Cuneta happily shared that celebrity stylist and makeup artist Fanny Serrano is now on the road to recovery after suffering a massive stroke last March. 

The veteran actress-singer recently took to Instagram to share an update about her good friend’s health condition.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!! I am happy to tell you that TF is now home, recuperating and on his way to a happy 100 more years!” wrote Sharon in the caption. 

She added, “God still performs miracles in the present day. Praise Him!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️.” 

Earlier in March, Sharon tearfully asked for healing prayers for Fanny whom she considers her family. 

“Prayers work wonders talaga, so can you just please, please pray for Tita Fanny? I love him so much, he’s been like a family to me for three decades. Please, please pray for him, his healing, thank you so much. Love you, guys,” said Sharon. 

This was Fanny’s second time to suffer a stroke after he had it back in 2016. 

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