Pinay teacher under fire after viral TikTok live shows ‘verbal abuse’ towards students


A teacher found herself in hot water following the viral spread of her TikTok live session where she was heard using derogatory language toward her students.

The screen recording of the teacher’s live stream quickly circulated across various social media platforms due to the “inappropriate” remarks she made towards the students by criticizing their behavior and academic abilities.

The teacher expressed her frustration, saying, “Nakakalimutan n’yo ‘yung ano n’yo ha, ‘yung boundaries n’yo.”

“Una sa lahat hindi n’yo kami binabayaran dito para magtau-tauhan at gawing robot at gawin n’yong katatawanan sa harapan,” she said.

“Pangalawa, hindi ako nag-board exam para lang hindi irespeto ng mga katulad n’yong wala pa namang nararating sa buhay,” the teacher added.

She also criticized the students, calling out their “audacity” at a young age and accusing them of being “unable to support themselves”.

“Ang kakapal ng mga mukha n’yo! Hindi n’yo nga kayang buhayin ang mga sarili n’yo. Hindi kayo marunong rumespeto,” the teacher exclaimed.

The teacher also challenged the students to take the board exam themselves to see “what their attitude would achieve them.”

“Baka hindi pa nga kayo pumasa eh, sa ugali n’yong ganiyan. Hindi na nga kayo matalino eh, ang sama pa ng ugali n’yo. Wala kayong mararating. Ako na nagsasabi sa inyo. Wala kayong lugar sa mundo,” she further lectured the students.

The teacher excused one student who she referred to as “ungrateful” and having a “squatter attitude.”

While the reason for the teacher’s “rant” was not specified in the viral video, many netizens believe that her behavior towards the students was still inappropriate.

The video has already reached more than 6 million views on X.

Meanwhile, an earlier report by GMA News shared an update on the issue, stating that the Department of Education (DepEd) is currently verifying the said video.

The government agency emphasized the importance of professionalism and respect in the teaching profession and assured the public that appropriate action would be taken once the authenticity of the video was confirmed.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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