Pet owner seeks justice for Chow Chow’s death in ‘well-known’ dog hotel


Rod Garino is seeking justice after losing his pet Chow Chow named “ChowKing” or “King” to heat stroke while staying in the dog hotel in Antipolo.

Rod detailed the events leading to King’s death at the dog hotel Milo & Friends, in a now-viral Facebook post last June 21. As of writing, the post has garnered over 15,000 reactions from netizens.

According to Rod, he brought King to the dog hotel and had his pet there for six days.

“It was his 3rd time in this dog hotel so I was confident they will be able to take care,” Rod said, adding that the facility was “advertised” to be “24/7 air conditioned” which was a necessity for King’s breed.

However, on his last day at the dog hotel, King collapsed inside his cage. Because no one was allegedly manning the surveillance cameras at the time, it took almost an hour before someone discovered King’s condition and rushed the dog to a veterinarian.

King sadly passed away, an hour after he collapsed.

“Dead on Arrival ka na pagdating sa vet – more than 1 hour na since you collapsed sa cage,” Rod said.

“He went through necropsy and the result: Death was due to Heat Stroke (paano nangyari kung totoong 24/7 ang AC?),” he added.

In a report by ABS-CBN news, Tristan Huertas, the owner of Milo & Friends, told the news outlet in a phone interview that they had already reached out to King’s owner.

Tristan, however, did not provide any statements on the position of the dog hotel in King’s death.

“What if we sue them? Probably not, kasi ano ba mangyayari? The owner is a well known influencer, dating may posisyon sa gobyerno at ang masakit ay mawawalan ng trabaho ang mga taong nagbabantay sa mga asong nsa hotel,” Rod reflected on filing a complaint against Milo & Friends.

Rod said he rejected the dog hotel’s offer of a new puppy in “replacement of King.”

“The owner offered us a puppy, but to be honest, walang pwedeng kapalit ang ganitong pangyayari,” he said on his reason for rejecting the replacement puppy.

“[A]ng tanging dasal ko ay hindi na ito maulit sa iba. Maging responsable ang mga hotel dog owners at panagutan ang kanilang kasalanan,” Rod said.

“Run Free ChowKing! You may not be here physically but I know that you are walking beside us and will continue to be with us,” Rod ended his post with a message for his late furry companion.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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