MUP apologizes to KC Montero over ‘edited’ Q&A with Miss Bohol


After receiving backlash for his exchange with Miss Bohol Pauline Amelinckx during the Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) 2020 telecast, KC Montero released the raw footage of their conversation to finally end criticisms coming his way. 

“For the past two days, I’ve tried to explain myself over and over again. Been receiving so much hate from the supporters of Ms. Bohol. I’ve tried to explain that in no way would I have disrespected their candidate and that there’s a longer joke that wasn’t aired due to time constraints,” said the MUP 2020 host.

The regular pageant presenter released an unedited video of their onstage interaction, showing that he was joking around with the contestant to lessen the tension. 

“Being in her position is stressful so I was trying to (lessen) the tension by making her laugh. I am sorry to anyone who got offended by the edited video,” he wrote. 

He continued on to say that he hopes his clarification will end all the bashing coming his way. 

“If you still don’t like me after this then I’m ok with it. At least you have all the information to form your opinions. I’m done with this,” he said. 

The Bohol beauty recently defended KC, saying there was no harm done during their brief exchange. 

“Regardless, what he said in response to me asking how he was just humor to me. No harm done in my eyes,” she said in an Instagram story. 

Meanwhile, the MUP Organization on Tuesday issued an apology to KC.

“We would like to apologize to our host, KC Montero, if the edited version of our show seemed to portray him in a negative light. Due to the constraints of airing on TV, we had to cut down on the interaction between our host and some of the contenders. In doing so, he may have inadvertently been portrayed as something else other than a witty, engaging, and consummately professional host,” read the statement which was shared on the pageant’s official Facebook page.

“He did an amazing job putting all the contenders at ease while entertaining the viewers with his witty banter. KC MONTERO WAS A GREAT HOST and the organization would love to work with him again in the future.”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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