#Loovana trends after Ivana Alawi pulled off boyfriend prank with DJ Loonyo


Netizens are now shipping Ivana Alawi with current internet dancing sensation Rhemuel Lunio a.k.a. DJ Loonyo. 

After falling victim to her family’s previous prank, Ivana made DJ Loonyo her pretend boyfriend in her latest vlog and pulled a prank on her mother Fatima with her younger sister Mona as an accomplice.

The 23-year-old actress mentioned in the vlog’s introduction that it would be the “best revenge” on her mother. 

“Alam kong ayaw niya sa aking magka-boyfriend lalong lalo na hindi pa niya nakikilala,” revealed Ivana. 

Ivana’s mother immediately felt agitated when she saw the two video-chatting to celebrate their fake first monthsary.

Fatima then grabbed Ivana’s phone and confronted DJ Loonyo, telling the China-based Filipino dance choreographer that if he had the best intentions for her daughter he would personally introduce himself to her first. 

“Huwag kang magkakamaling lokohin ang anak ko ha, ako makakalaban mo,” threatened Fatima. 

“Sobra magmahal yan ah. ‘Wag ka magkakamali. Iyan pag nagmahal yan, bigay niya lahat. Lahat-lahat. Nakita ko na ‘yan, ilang beses na umiyak yan. ‘Yari ka sa ‘kin, sinasabi ko sayo,” she reminded Loonyo.

Fatima disapproved of the “long-distance relationship” but was later on told by Ivana that it was just a prank.

Still, the mother had the last word: “Pag kayo nagka-developan, naku!”

The 16-minute video on YouTube instantly earned over 4 million views in less than 24 hours, with Ivana and DJ Loonyo landing a spot among trending topics on Twitter.

Fans are also open to the Ivana-Loonyo tandem, with some expressing their support for internet stars on Twitter with the hashtag #Loovana. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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