LOOK: Just as good as purple ube


A supply shortage has forced the best-selling Good Shepherd ube jam to sport a new look — from purple to white. 

In a Facebook post, the Religious of the Good Shepherd, Philippines-Japan said they came up with the new jam as local farmers struggle to grow purple yam. 

“Due to climate change, our ube farmers are having difficulty growing ube,” the post read. 

In a STAR report, Good Shepherd product development head Guadalupe Bautista explained that the El Niño damaged the produce of purple ube growers.

The Philippine weather bureau PAGASA has described El Niño as a climate phenomenon associated with rains, winds and drought.  

Bautista said they bought 2,000 kilos of white yam for P45 per kilo. They source their yam from La Union and Benguet. 

Nevertheless, the religious congregation assured patrons that the white ube is just as good as the purple one. 

But due to the purple ube shortage, the convent called on the public to do their share in caring for the environment. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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