Meet the Gen Z Couple who turned a quarantine idea into a booming nipple cover brand! 


With the right mindset and dedication, everything is possible! 

This belief rings true for Gen Z couple Maria Necilyn Maguino and John Theodore Taleon, whose entrepreneurial journey began during the lockdowns of 2021 and led to the creation of a nipple tape brand that aims to empower and bring comfort to Filipinos.  

Manguino, a freshman psychology student at the time, realized she was not destined for a traditional career path.  

“I was still discovering what I really wanted for myself. I was a psychology freshman at that time but I have this feeling that I am not [meant] for that field and at the same time scared of seeing myself in the future not doing what I want,” Manguino told The Philippine STAR. 

Her entrepreneurial spirit ignited when she started selling snacks with her sister and mother around their neighborhood in April 2020. It was like the birth of her businesswoman era. But later on, she discovered she could also leverage her love for fashion and turn it into a business.  

So with her savings and borrowed money, Manguino tried her luck in the ready-to-wear (RTW) industry. Her goal is to provide quality clothing at a low price.  

“I love to shop for myself new clothes and my struggle is to find the quality one yet affordable since I’m just a student. I looked for the best suppliers,” she said.  

Confident in her products, she launched her RTW brand called Solit Wears on social media, even modeling the clothes herself. 

However, she faced a challenge with certain styles, like backless and off-shoulder tops, which led her to discover nipple covers. “I found some, but they were either too expensive or not up to my standards,” she said. Her frustration turned into an opportunity when her buyers started asking for nipple cover recommendations. 

“My buyers are already asking me for some nipple cover recommendations, but I can’t suggest something that I do not like,” she said.  

Encouraged by her boyfriend (suitor that time) Taleon and Manguino decided to create her own nipple cover brand called “Dood PH.”  

“We named it Dood, it came from the word boob. That time I want us to be identified as a quality and yet affordable nipple cover brand that will bring comfort and confidence. Confident enough to wear whatever type of clothing you want and comfortable since you’re not wearing any tight bras anymore,” Manguino explained.  

She decided to halt the operations of her RTW business and focused on working to build Dood PH.  

After three months of preparation, they launched the brand on April 8, 2021, with an initial batch of 50 pairs that sold out within two days. Dood PH gained traction through social media, especially TikTok, where a viral post garnered over 500,000 views in a day! 

“[We received] lots of inquiries about how to order and how much. In May 2021, we started to create our Shopee account. The operation is all happening in my bedroom. Me, my partner, and my friend are the ones who are packing the orders,” Manguino and Taleon reminisced about their humble beginnings.  

To meet the growing demand, Taleon and Manguino decided to expand their operations and rented an office space year 2023 eventually after a year they moved to a warehouse and hired ten other employees. From two to total of 15 employees. 

Manguino and her team also tried live selling on TikTok in June 2023, boosting their sales even more. Monthly, they can sell 15,000-25,000 nipple covers across all e-commerce platforms! 

Taleon and Manguino became each other’s anchor as they work hand on hand in managing their business together.  

After graduating cum laude with a degree in psychology from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Santo Tomas, Batangas, Manguino and her partner now focuses on expanding their brand as they continues to empower and bring comfort to Pinoys through their nipple tape brand.  

Dood PH caters to the needs of men and women, as they believe that confidence starts with comfort. 

Their best-selling products are the Dood Adhesive Nipple Cover (formerly Better Dood) and the Dood Non-Adhesive Nipple Cover (formerly Everyday Dood).  

They are available on Shopee and TikTok shop. Follow their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts for the latest deals and updates!

 — Janelle Lorzano

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