Dingdong Dantes documents son Sixto’s first time to ride a swing


Dingdong Dantes couldn’t help but document his and Marian Rivera’s son Sixto’s first time to ride a swing.  

Though it might be a small feat for other parents, it was a big deal for the father of two since most of his one-year-old’s firsts were slowed down by the pandemic.  

“What a joy to see him explore playing in an open space and get his hands dirty and on the ground. Wala pa ring tatalo sa mga old school na laro na makakapag-hubog ng development ng isang bata.  

“How I wish that we could go back to these outdoor activities, and have the opportunity for our children to freely play with other kids,” he wrote.  

Despite the many restrictions nowadays, Dingdong said it is up to his fellow parents that they recreate these experiences even within their own homes.  

He then quoted his high school teacher’s words: “Lahat puwede, pero hindi lahat dapat,” to remind his fellow parents to take precautions as they make sure their kids still get the best out of life.  

“So, puwede naman talaga… pero dapat namang may pag-iingat, kapraningang calculated at isang buong loob na puno ng pagasa – na kaya pa rin nating ibigay ang mga nais at pangangailang ng mga supling na walang kamuwangmuwang sa mas delikadong mundong kalalakihan nila,” he ended.

Dingdong and Marian are blessed with two children — Zia and Sixto.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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