Janella Salvador shares ‘best photo’ of her life


Newbie mom Janella Salvador recently shared the “best photo of her life.” It’s not a surprise that the snap is with her baby boy Jude.  

The Instagram photo featured the 22-year-old nuzzling baby Jude’s head as he smiled for the camera.  

“Best photo of my life,” she wrote as the caption. 

Her photo, which was uploaded on January 25, has already collected more than 400,000 likes from her followers on Instagram.  

In early January, the actress shared a heartwarming video of her singing a lullaby as baby Jude smiles and giggles.  

“Life with you will always be la vie en rose,” she wrote.  

Janella and her boyfriend Markus Paterson recently revealed that they are now parents to a baby boy in January.  

They introduced their son on their newly-launched YouTube channel with a video that chronicled her pregnancy journey.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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