‘Maling-mali’: Jennylyn Mercado slams ‘toxic Filipino trait’ of commenting on weight


Jennylyn Mercado took to social media recently to ask that Filipinos discontinue the “toxic trait” of commenting on other people’s weight during gatherings.  

On Twitter, the Kapuso actress said it is rude and may trigger people with eating disorders.  

“Can we discontinue this toxic Filipino trait na tuwing nagkikita ang hilig mag komento tungkol sa physical looks ng iba tulad ng – ‘uy tumaba ka.’ 

“It’s not okay. First of all it’s rude, second it may trigger some people na may Ed. Maling mali,” she wrote.  

The actress then consoled a netizen who said she stopped going to family occasions because of this matter.  

“Bessie, your looks and status sa life don’t dictate your worth as a person… don’t let how they treat you dictate how you live your life. You are worthy just as u are and u deserve to be happy,” Jennylyn responded.  

She also called out another netizen who said that those who do not want those kinds of comments should just take care of themselves.  

“Unang una, bakit kailangan may mapuna? Hindi ba dapat wala to begin with? Unless someone asks you a question, don’t give unsolicited advice. Hindi ba natin kaya makipagusap sa isa’t isa na walang punahan o judgment?” she asked.  

She then explained simply that not everyone would like comments on their appearance.  

“Nakakalungkot magbasa ng comments dito ng mga taong naapektuhan ang self-esteem. It shouldn’t be the case,” she wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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