Assunta de Rossi expects to meet her ‘miracle baby’ soon


Assunta de Rossi is already nearing the end of her pregnancy journey as she reaches the ninth month.

The soon-to-be first-time mom shared an update from her check-up on social media. The actress is expecting a girl whom she lovingly calls Fiore, the Italian word for flower. 

“Another check-up today. Si Fiore as usual, nagtatago na naman. Naku maldita! It’s OK. Pretty soon, I’ll see her face-to-face. I’ve waited for her almost 20 years, ano ba naman yung ilang araw pa? I love you, my tiny bloom,” she wrote. 

Assunta also hinted that she is going to give birth anytime soon to her “miracle baby”. 

In a past post, she expressed how lucky she is that her baby has made her first pregnancy easy for her. 

“Mabuti at napakabait ni bagets, hindi ako binibigyan ng problema. Ang swerte-swerte ko!!! Everything’s good, kaya smile pa rin,” she wrote.

It was in May when Assunta revealed that after 16 years of marriage with politician Jules Ledesma, she is five weeks pregnant with their first child.

She shared that getting pregnant while dealing with myoma and endometriosis is extremely difficult that only a miracle or medical intervention could make it possible.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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