Winwyn Marquez on gun safety: ‘Wag mag feeling action star’


As Winwyn Marquez continues her marksmanship training as a military reservist under the Philippine Naval Reserve Command, she imparted her two cents on safe gun handling on social media. 

On Instagram, the beauty queen shared a gun safety tip along with a photo of her dry firing an M16 rifle.

“Make sure no ammunition is anywhere near the gun. Check, double check and then triple check,”  she said. 

Winwyn then asked her followers to know that guns are inherently dangerous so these weapons must be stored carefully and handled with care. 

“DON’T even think that owning or carrying a gun is ‘nakaka cool, astig ako if I have one’. Wag stupid. Wag mag feeling action star. Mag training muna,” she wrote.

In a past post, Winwyn shared that she is already undergoing her marksmanship and gun safety training.

The 28-year-old actress started her military training back in August. On Instagram, she proudly announced that she is the president of her navy reserve force class.
Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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