‘Nanalo ako dahil Pilipino ako’: Wushu athlete defends her gold medal wins


Wushu star Agatha Wong showed her Filipino pride in a tweet posted Saturday, December 6. The two-time Southeast Asian (SEA) Games gold medalist addressed speculations that she won because of her Chinese roots. 

“My last name’s Chinese and yet I am a Filipina more than anything. I was born in the Philippines, grew up in the Philippines and represent the Philippines wherever I go. Mahal ko ang bayan ko,” she said.

“So don’t tell me I’m Chinese kaya ako nanalo. Nanalo ako dahil Pilipino ako, at lalaban ako,” she added.

In a separate Facebook post, she also addressed those “who keep saying I’m Chinese and not Filipino.”

“I’m Chinese but only a fourth and I’ve lived in the Philippines all my life kaya dugong Pilipino talaga ako. Never akong tumira sa Tsina. We’re not traditionally Chinese. Pilipinong Pilipino magulang ko, we just happen to have mixed Chinese and American blood! My dad (who’s Chinese) can’t even speak Mandarin.

“So all you people who keep saying I’m Chinese and not Filipino, I am. With my heart, I am Filipino. I’m proud to be a Filipino and I will continue to represent my country for as long as my body, mind and heart can.”

It was Agatha who kickstarted the gold rain of medals for Team Philippines. She was the first Pinoy athlete to win two gold medals for the women’s taolu taijiquan and taolu tajijian events in the SEA Games. 

Her show of Pinoy pride was welcomed by her fans online. 

“Please don’t mind them. We as your fellow Filipino are so proud of you!” a netizen said. 

Another said: “We are proud of you. Last names don’t matter. Hearts do.” 

“Sad that you felt you had to defend yourself from this. We’re proud of you!” another netizen replied. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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