Bianca Gonzalez shares wholesome Grab ride with lesbian driver


TV host Bianca Gonzalez shared her heartwarming account of her recent Grab ride with a lesbian driver, a timely encounter during International Women’s Month.

In a series of posts on her verified X account, Bianca expressed her delight in riding with a female Grab driver for the first time.

Accompanied by photos, Bianca recounted their pleasant interaction, emphasizing on the lady driver’s calm demeanor despite encountering heavy traffic.

“Rode a Grab again today at first time kong maka-experience ng driver na babae!! Tuwang tuwa ako kasi pagkasakay palang namin, ang gaan gaan na ng aura niya at napaka chill lang kahit traffic,” Gonzalez shared.

“Her name is Lloyd, and she is a proud lesbian driver!”, the celebrity introduced her Grab rider.

Bianca further highlighted the cleanliness of Lloyd’s car, emphasizing its importance to her as the owner.

According to the host, Lloyd takes pride in maintaining her vehicle meticulously, with the car being her second one, which she proudly purchased through a loan.

Bianca compared her last ride from Lloyd, saying, “Tulad nung huling Grab na nasakyan ko, napakalinis ng kotse ni Lloyd hanggang mat. Importante daw sa kanya na malinis ang sasakyan niya lagi.”

“Itong kotse na ito, siya ang may ari! 2nd car na daw niya ito na nabayaran niya on loan, at sobra siyang proud dito. (dapat talaga!)”, she added.

As their journey extended into the night, Gonzalez and Lloyd engaged in conversation, wherein she learned about the female driver’s life story.

It turns out that Lloyd has spent nearly two decades working as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in various countries, and expressed her fulfillment in transitioning to becoming a Grab driver upon returning to the Philippines.

“Ginusto niyang umuwi at dahil noon pa man ay mahilig na siya magdrive, pinasok niya ang pag Grab driver at fulfilled siya sa work na ito,” Gonzalez shared Lloyd’s sentiments on her career change.

Concluding her story, Bianca shared her disbelief at the lady driver who took her pride of her age at 58.

“Would you believe, 58 na siya?! Batang bata itsura at energy! Nakakatuwa maka-meet ng tulad ni Lloyd na mahal ang work niya at grabe ang zest for life!,” she described her encounter with Lloyd.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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