‘Not singularity anymore’: Netizens react to Ms. Everything’s TikTok couple challenge

Ericka Camata, a.k.a Ms. Everything, trended online after surprising netizens with a video of her and a guy taking on a TikTok couple challenge.

The internet sensation from Calbayog, Western Samar shared on Thursday night a version of the “One Time Challenge,” a popular trend on the video-sharing app where couples would show affection for each other.

“NXP Sweatfullness🥰😘😂with punching bag 😂😂,” wrote Ms. Everything, who became a hit in the online community for hilarious videos and broken English punchlines.  

Netizens were quick to speculate that Ms. Everything is already in a relationship with the guy tagged as @_oliver.thomson on TikTok.

The video has garnered over 2.7 million views and more than 300,000 likes as of writing.


NXP Sweatfullness🥰😘😂with punching bag 😂😂@_oliver.thomson

♬ One Time Challenge – KarlLimpin 👽

Ms. Everything also landed on Twitter’s top trending topics, with some netizens congratulating the internet star in the language she does best.


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