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Nuwhite unveils newest product, promises more surprises this 2023.

Nuwhite helped Filipinos unlock the power of their inner glow at the Nuwhite Pink Party held last Tuesday, March 28 at The Roof at Joy-Nostalg Hotel in Ortigas.

Celebrities, influencers, and other VIPs partied the night away while they learned more about what Nuwhite offers as a game changer in the local beauty industry.

“Nuwhite is the only S-Acetyl Glutathione in the market. It’s the in-body form of glutathione. When we say in-body form, it’s the absorbable and utilized form of the antioxidant by the human body,” said Maureen Estrada, CEO of Oxina Nutricosmetics Inc. and founder of Nuwhite.

The product is now available and contains 30 capsules per bottle, suitable for one month, as Estrada shared that consumers need only take the pill once a day. The brand promises results within 28 days.

One of the exciting things unlocked during the Nuwhite Pink Party is a seven-day trial pack with seven capsules so Filipinos can see for themselves how Nuwhite’s S-Acetyl Glutathione benefits their bodies.

“There are a lot of benefits of glutathione, but we wanted to focus on the benefits on the skin and inner glow. Yet aside from that, we know it’s not only for getting a healthier glow, whitening, or skin enhancement. It’s also for liver protection, strengthening the immune system, and many more. It’s really the master antioxidant that can protect us from radical damages like aging,” Estrada explained.

With the continuous success of Nuwhite, Estrada is proud that the product caters to all genders and is safe for consumption whether they’re 13 or 60 years old.  

Initially launched in 2019, Nuwhite is Estrada’s brainchild and passion project. She formulated Nuwhite herself because she saw the demand for a more potent and beneficial glutathione product in the local market and the beauty industry.

Estrada, who is also a professional nurse, also uses glutathione. In fact, it’s how she started her journey in the beauty industry before becoming a reseller and distributor.

She would market other glutathione products and deliver them to interested customers. Eventually, she decided to venture out on her own and develop a product that’s more effective and holistically beneficial to the local market.

Besides glutathione, the Nuwhite founder also observed that Filipinos are searching for other components like collagen, vitamin E, sodium ascorbate, and many others in their beauty supplements. Estrada took them all and put them into Nuwhite to make them more accessible and affordable.

Other effects of Nuwhite include reducing the effects of stress, improving the quality of sleep, enhancing mental focus and clarity, and increasing energy.

During the pandemic, the brand saw a spike in sales as more people unlocked the secret of S-Acetyl Glutathione in Nuwhite.

Jumping into entrepreneurship proved to be the right step for Estrada as Nuwhite became a best-selling brand in 2019. This 2023, Nuwhite is eager to get back on track and accomplish more as it helps consumers achieve a healthy glow inside and out.

Nuwhite is available in Watsons and its official TikTok shop as well as on Lazada and Shopee.

For information, visit http://nuwhite.com.ph/.

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