LOOK: Kathryn Bernardo shares updates of future home


Kathryn Bernardo is just as excited as we are to finally see her future home! 

The actress recently shared an update from her construction site visit of her and her family’s dream home.  

Based on her snaps, it seems that their house’s construction is already coming together.  

Her caption read: “Site visit. Jan ’22.” 

On one of the videos she shared, Kathryn was even spotted mixing cement all on her own.  

It was back in August of last year, when the 25-year-old shared her last update from their soon-to-be house’s construction site.  

“Slowly getting there.. I can’t believe it’s finally happening!” she said.  


LOOK: Kathryn Bernardo shares progress of future home 

Kathryn Bernardo starts building dream home for family 

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