Sam Pinto reveals pregnancy complications a month after giving birth


A month after welcoming baby girl Mia, Sam Pinto is finally ready to share her birth story.  

In a lengthy social media post, she shared the bumps she encountered just moments away from going into labor.  

The first-time mom shared that while she did have a normal delivery, there were a few issues that could have hampered it.  

One of the reasons she touched on was preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure.  

“For some reason, I developed hypertension during my pregnancy even if I think that’s the healthiest I’ve ever been. Maybe cause my mom was preeclampsia,” she explained.  

Another complication was that her baby was too small at 36 weeks and her placenta was low for an extended period.  

As she reached closer to finally delivering baby Mia, Sam shared how the anticipation of going into labor was overwhelming.  

“Since it’s my first baby, I didn’t know what to expect. But I was already feeling some weird throbbing and didn’t know that was already contractions and was in the first stage of labor,” she said. 

After 16 hours of waiting and just three pushes, baby Mia was finally out and her dad Anthony Semerad was present to cut her umbilical cord. 

She ended: “Everything about giving birth is so intense. But my body is made for this. Thank you to all doctors and nurses and salute to all the mommas.” 

The actress gave birth to her first child Mia Aya on September 1.  

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