Juancho Triviño reveals working in BPO company at height of pandemic


Juancho Triviño recently revealed that he once worked at a business process outsourcing (BPO) company during the height of the pandemic last year.  

The actor made the revelation on a recent Instagram post where he shared more about pursuing a career outside showbiz.  

“A lot of you might not know, but last year during the height of the pandemic, when we had no work (tapings, digital stuff and businesses) I got a job in a BPO company,” he revealed.  

While this was his first foray into corporate work, he managed to land a job as a project manager.  

“They got me as a project manager (praise the Lord), and aside from the financial help, a payslip gave us I also gained some valuable experience kahit na hindi siya nag tagal,” he said.  

His wife, Joyce Pring responded to his post, expressing how proud she was of her hardworking husband.  

“You work hard for our family, my love. So proud of you always,” she wrote.  

Juancho and Joyce tied the knot back in February of last year.  

The couple welcomed their firstborn, baby Elliam, on July 2 with heartwarming social media posts about their journey towards becoming parents.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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