Kathryn Bernardo wants to finish college, work behind the camera


In her most recent vlog, Kathryn Bernardo had a heart-to-heart conversation with Sofia Andres about their friendship, dreams and careers. 

The latest episode of Kathryn’s new segment on her YouTube channel featured her longtime friend and newbie mom Sofia.

Zoe, Sofia’s daughter, is also Kathryn’s godchild.   


In their 30-minute long catch-up, the two discussed their dreams and how they could still be a reality even with their careers in showbiz.  

While Sofia shared that she’s open to a more “artsy” career because of her love for photography, Kathryn admitted that her first dream was to become a makeup artist.  

The actress said that finishing her studies is still one of her goals.  

“Ako rin I haven’t finished my college yet but yun yung goal na sana someday matapos natin,” Kathryn told Sofia.  

The 25-year-old mentioned that if she would pursue a college education, she would take up marketing or communication arts.  

“’Yung sa mga behind the camera. Hindi yung ako yung kinukunan, ako yung parang production behind it,” she said.  

Kathryn added that she’s open to work behind the camera since she’s still unsure of what she wants to do next.  

“I’m very open kung ano gusto ko mangyari in the future so I just take it day by day,” she said.  

Watch their video here:  

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