Catriona Gray shares ‘what saying goodbye looks like’


Catriona Gray was more than honest with her feelings when she shared this “real and raw” photo of her as she bid her family in Australia farewell. 

The Miss Universe 2018 opened up that her emotional photo was what saying goodbye looks like.

“When I said goodbye to my parents at the airport, underneath my mask I kept smiling. Although I trembled I didn’t want them to see,” she wrote. 

She then shared that while they have promised to see each other soon, the pandemic made this “once easy thing” an uncertainty. 

“I felt the emotions spilling over but didn’t want them to see, so as I rounded the corner through the passenger terminal finally out of their sight, I let the tears come,” she said. 

Catriona said she decided to post this photo, which wasn’t her usual glamorous one because it was “real and raw”.

She added: “And now it’s back to counting down the days, the sunrises, the sleeps until we’re together again.”

The 27-year-old then reminded her followers never to take their time with their loved ones for granted. 

Catriona flew to Australia back in May after “countless rescheduled flights, two flight cancellations, swab tests, stress application and waiting.”

She opened up then that she didn’t want to regret not spending time with her older father.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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