Ivana Alawi’s sister Mona opens up about her health condition


YouTube star Ivana Alawi’s sister Mona finally explained why she’s been missing in action in her ate’s vlogs.  


The 17-year-old made the decision to give fans an update on her health condition via Ivana’s most recent vlog.  

Mona shared that she is type 1 diabetic. For the first time in 10 years, her sugar levels were finally normal.  

The younger Alawi shared that despite her lower sugar level, she encountered a complication with her nerves. She revealed that she’s currently experiencing diabetic neuropathy, a type of of nerve damage for individuals with diabetes.  

Mona explained that her body was not used to her low sugar level.  

“Sanay sila dun sa mataas na sugar nagulat siya so nagkaroon ako ng diabetic neuropathy pero I will get better. Di naman siya incurable, di naman siya impossible. It will take some time para um-okay ako and okay naman sa akin yun,” she said.  

Meanwhile, Ivana turned emotional as her younger sister opened up about her sickness. She revealed that Mona has been in and out of the hospital during the pandemic.  

The sisters then promised their fans that Mona will appear on her sister’s vlogs once again.  

Watch their video here: 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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