LOOK: Michael Flores victimized by ‘basag-kotse’ gang


Actor Michael Flores has been victimized by the “basag-kotse” gang, after parking his car in front of a restaurant.

“Unfortunately, while I was parked outside the resto after playing badminton, this happened…tsk.. Diyos nalang bahala sa inyo.. ???,” wrote Michael in an Instagram post.

He also shared photos of the front passenger seat’s broken window. 

No other details were shared by Michael as to where the incident took place or what items, if any, were stolen from the vehicle. 

Meanwhile, fans and followers expressed their concern and support for the actor.

“I’m sorry this happened 🙁 hope you are safe!” commented a netizen.

“Omg stay safe po kuya Mike? I hope my cctv at nakuhaan yung gumawa nyan,” said another. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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