Assunta de Rossi reveals meaning behind miracle baby’s beautiful name


First-time mom Assunta de Rossi has revealed the meaning behind the beautiful name of her newborn daughter Giulia Fiorentina Alessandra.

Assunta welcomed her first child with husband Jules Ledesma early Friday morning after “almost 20 years of waiting”.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Assunta shared a photo of their baby girl who is nicknamed Fiore (“flower” in Italian) along with the reveal of the origins of her three names. It turned out all are references to the actress’ family members. 

Assunta wrote the following (published as is):

“GIULIA — Just like how you pronounce Julia (sorry, no letter J in the Italian alphabet ?) as a tribute to her paternal great-grandfather, Don Julio.

“FIORENTINA — As a tribute to her paternal great-grandmother, Doña Florentina a.k.a. lola Puring (lola’s name is the Spanish version).

“ALESSANDRA — As a tribute to my sister and our lola Alejandra a.k.a. Inang. Plus, I like its meaning, defender/protector.

“So there you have it! I hope she knows how much we wanted her,?” wrote Alessandra who called her pregnancy a miracle after 16 years of marriage with Ledesma. 

In another Instagram post, Assunta’s mom shared her delight at being a first-time lola, gushing over the family’s new bundle of joy.

Earlier, Alessandra De Rossi tweeted her happiness over the “beautiful blessing.”

The first-time aunt wrote: “The most beautiful flower in the world. A legit ALESSANDRA LEDESMA. She will rule the universe! I love yo, Fiore! Thank you Lord for this beautiful blessing!”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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