70-year-old Pinay mom gets surprise Park Seo Joon themed birthday party


This K-drama fanatic mom received the “ultimate fangirl surprise” when her family members threw a Park Seo Joon-themed party for her 70th birthday. 

Uploader Mel Galarrita Menes shared on Facebook photos of her mom Aurelia “Batch” Galarrita’s 70th celebration which featured life-size standees, as well as cookies and cupcakes inspired by the South Korean star.

The whole set-up would be plantita-approved with the lush greens and Park Seo Joon-designed pots.

In a Facebook post, Mel joked about letting her senior citizen mom cut the line in what Pinoy fans have been calling the “pila culture” amid the collective “obsession” over these K-pop and K-drama stars.

“She really is 70, Senior Citizen Priority lane ? PSJ makes her young at heart. For the Filipino fans — sorry nagcut si momshie, pagbigyan na ?,” wrote Mel.

Mel added that her mom has been learning the Korean language during the quarantine “so she can speak it if she meets PSJ someday.”

The certified PSJ fan that she is, Batch’s room also houses the oppa’s standees, posters and pillow cases.

Since they couldn’t be with her in person, family and friends celebrated Batch’s birthday party virtually.

“She was expecting we’ll just order food to send to her. She hasn’t been outside (or had visitors) since March,” Mel told Latestchika.com, sharing how they planned the birthday surprise for their mom. 

She continued, “Then we asked her helpers to tell her to go to her room first and had a team come in and set it up within an hour and disinfect it. She was so shocked when she saw it ? then we had a tribute video and a Zoom party for her.”

Mel shared that her mom’s fangirl heart was “super happy” with the surprise from her family.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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