Bea Alonzo on past relationship: ‘Am I that weak that I can’t live without someone?’


Actress Bea Alonzo recalled a past relationship that made her realize how much of a survivor she is. 

Bea had the chance to look back on this episode of her life in the latest YouTube vlog of actor Enchong Dee, who happens to be her good friend of 10 years. 

The two Kapamilya stars shared a free-flowing conversation over brunch at Bea’s home about the acting craft, fashion and then the more personal as Enchong admitted that there was a time in Bea’s life that he wasn’t there for her. 

“I was absent in a certain period of her time. I was doing something on my own and going through something on my own also. But you never made me feel I was wrong,” Enchong told Bea.

Bea said that she thinks their friendship has reached a point where there’s enough trust between them even without saying a word to each other.

Enchong replied, “But I wasn’t there.”  

The actress pointed out to the actor that even her mom “was not there” when she encountered problems in this past relationship. With whom, she did not specify.

Bea recalled: “Kasi binigyan niya ako ng tough love. Alam mo naman yung journey di ba parang she didn’t want me to be in that position and yet pinilit ko andun ako sa position na yun because sobrang naano ako ng pagmamahal ko. And then, when I was going through that, I was going through that alone.”

Going through that tough time by herself helped her realize many things.

“In a way, it helped me figure out who I am and what I am capable of, and how tough I am and how much of a survivor I am. Because for years, when I was in that position, when I was in that relationship, I was questioning God already: Am I a weak person? Am I that weak that I can’t live without someone? 

“Dun ko na empower yung sarili ko. May kanya-kanya tayong journey at hindi natin maliitin yung journey ng bawat isang tao. Pwede maliit sayo ‘yan, but sa akin nung time na yan, it was big, it was ruling my world.

“Then I started looking at myself in the mirror. Yun ang una kong ginawa.”

Bea acknowledged that while she has achieved career success, she hasn’t been so lucky in her love life.

“I consider myself as an achiever and this is one department that I keep on failing,” she said.

Bea, however, clarified that she has already recovered from that heartbreak.  

“But siempre ngayon, OK na ako. And na-realize ko na we have our own timeline na parang things happen for a reason. But siempre, I wish the circumstances then were different because I wanted to be respected.”

Asked if she considers herself a stronger person now, Bea said: “Oo, super! Actually, yun yung iniingatan ko. Iba yung strong sa tough and I don’t want to be too tough, dapat empowered lang. I still want to keep a little softness in me kasi that’s who I am.”

Watch the full video below:

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