Harvard trends after Pinoys poke fun by sharing ‘fake memories’ of campus


Pinoy humor? Quarantine effect? Social experiment?

Whatever the reason may be, but “Harvard” made it to Twitter’s top trending topics on Tuesday after Filipino netizens posted “fake memories” of studying at the prestigious US university.

As of writing, there are over 50,000 tweets about the Ivy League school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Here are some of the popular tweets:

Apparently, the “trending topic” on the social media platform stemmed from similar comments that flooded the official Facebook page of Harvard University. While others re-shared Harvard photos and wrote “epic” captions.

According to The Philippine Star, “Filipinos on Tuesday flooded the posts of Harvard University, pretending to be students and commenting memories they supposedly had in the prestigious Ivy League School.

“No one knows why, but Filipinos just started to hijack Harvard’s Facebook page after they posted a series of photos featuring different sites inside the university.”

Based on the comments on The Philippine Star’s post, netizens sharing these fake memories have drawn mixed reactions.

Others said that there was nothing to be proud about making these trend online.

“Should we be proud about this? #ProudToBePinoy?” one commenter asked.

Others, on the other hand, just chalked it up to Pinoy humor.

“It’s more fun in the Philippines,” a netizen commented, calling to mind the famous tourism slogan.

“Fun! Hope Harvard will take it lightly,” another commenter said.

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