Pia Wurtzbach reunited with boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey in London


Pia Wurtzbach has flown to London to be with her family and foreigner boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey after months of being apart due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Based on Jeremy’s latest Instagram stories, the former Miss Universe can be seen enjoying her reunion with the Scottish techpreneur who founded Beautiful Destinations after months of LDR. London also happens to be the place where their love story began.

Before they went out and about, Jeremy noted that they first observed the 14-day quarantine protocol.

“14 days of quarantine in London done,” he wrote on his IG story.

“So Saturday morning, bringing Pia to my favorite place in London, Borough market. So I had been coming here, for as long as I had lived in London,” Jeremy, who has since moved to New York, also said in his IG story.

Apart from that, the globetrotting hunk also shared IG stories of him baby-sitting the children of Pia’s younger sister.

Earlier, Pia shared her “self isolation” experience after arriving in London where her family has been living.

“It’s an odd feeling only seeing family and not being able to hug them but it’s all good and it’s only temporary and for the safety of everyone,” she wrote.


Last June 1, the sweethearts confirmed in a Tatler Philippines cover story they are officially together after meeting by accident last year in London.


Throughout their LDR relationship, they’ve had traveled and reunited overseas, such as in Indonesia to ring in the year 2020 and New York, where they had the magazine photoshoot for their relationship’s big reveal.


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