Ivana Alawi explains why she refused to go on date with private jet owner


Ivana Alawi recalled turning down a stranger’s invite to go on a date with him in his private jet, calling it an “arrogant” move. 

In the latest Mukbang and Q and A vlog on her YouTube channel with sister Mona, Ivana was asked by fan: “Ano ang pinaka-bonggang nanligaw sa’yo?”

Ivana recalled she was craving for Japanese food and posted on her Instagram account that time when a stranger offered to go on a “jet date” with him.

The sexy actress shared that the man had long been sending her direct messages asking if he can court her, and invited her on a jet ride to Japan.

“Sabi niya, ‘Pwede ba kitang ligawan? Sunduin kita ngayon ng private jet, tapos punta tayong Japan, tapos kakain tayo doon,” narrated Ivana.

Ivana, however, rejected the gallant move because she found it “arrogant”.

“Ni-reject ko ‘yun. Ang yabang. Hindi siya bongga, mayabang. pinaka-mayabang ‘yun,” she said.

The Kapamilya actress then left a reminder: “Hindi porke’t may pera ka, makukuha mo lahat ng gusto mo. Sometimes, you just have to be good to people, you have to be friendly. Kung gusto mo makipagkaibigan, makipagkaibigan ka.” 

Ivana also noted that she doesn’t easily get impressed with those kinds of gestures. 

“Pero hindi porket may jet ka, sa tingin mo lahat ng babae sasama sa ‘yo? Ay boy! Hindi ako. Ibahin mo ako. You have to make ligaw muna to me, or you have to be friends with me. But hindi ako sasama sa ‘yo dahil lang may jet ka at kaya mo akong pakainin sa Japan. Boy, meron namang mga Japanese restaurant dito,” said Ivana. 

She added, “Mas gusto pa ‘yung mga simple: bulalo o kwek-kwek. Pero ‘yung yayabangan mo ako. Ay, ni-reject ko talaga, sabi ko hindi ako interesado.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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