Bianca Gonzalez says fighting with family, friends over politics is ‘not worth it’


Do you have family and friends you don’t see eye-to-eye on politics? For TV host Bianca Gonzalez, it’s not worth picking a fight with them just because they don’t share your political and social beliefs.

It’s often said that politics is a hot-button topic just like religion and sexuality. There are many stories of family gatherings ruined or people unfriending and blocking family members and long-time friends because of political arguments.

During a recent Instagram Live, the 37-year-old ABS-CBN celeb was asked for tips on how to maintain the peace and avoid tension if not confrontation among close relations with opposing views.

Bianca is known to use her social media platforms to speak up on issues she feels strongly about.

But she chooses to steer clear of political talk among friends and family whose choices, opinions, etc., she knows run counter to hers.

“We’re still friends, we’re still family, but the way I handle it, don’t talk nalang about politics kapag alam namin na magkaiba anyway,” she shared.

According to her, she’d rather dwell on what makes them click over what makes them different.

“Instead, we focus on the things we have in common, kasi yun naman talaga. Iba iba naman tayo ng paniniwala politically and socially but we will always have more things in common than we do na hindi,” she said.

“So, hindi worth it makikipag-away ka with family and friends. Siguro mas focused nalang sa things that you have in common. Kasi for sure mas madami yun,” she added.  

When a follower commented that it’s okay to discuss politics as long as “walang sakitan,” Bianca readily agreed. 

Hurtful words should have no place in an honest-to-goodness discussion on politics, she said.

“Most definitely. I believe na sobrang okay kapag iba-iba tayo ng pinaniniwalaan kasi dun tayo natututo. But as long as walang sakitan, yung mga harsh words. Physical na sakitan siempre. Hello! ‘Wag na talaga yun.”

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