WATCH: Here’s ‘living legend’ Juan Ponce Enrile telling COVID-19 to ‘go away’


Kristen Ponce-Enrile, the granddaughter of former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, shared on Saturday a video showing the “living legend” himself in good health and in high spirits.

“Blessing your feed with the legend himself,” she wrote in the caption.

“COVID, go away!” the 96-year-old Enrile was caught on cam quipping as he shooed the invisible virus away.

The video shared on Facebook has since racked up at least 7,000 reactions and over 3,000 shares from netizens.

The nonagenarian former politico has been the subject of viral memes and jokes because of his old age, having been around long enough to witness some of the crises the country has had been dealing with, including this COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier, he disputed “fake news” that he was ailing with COVID-19.

“I am still alive, and I do not have COVID-19. Thank God! Enjoy your silliness, rumormongers,” he wrote in his personal Facebook account.

Enrile also said he was grateful for memes about his long life, but he urged Filipinos not to take the virus lightly or as a joke.

“My unsolicited advice to our people is to follow the rules laid out by our public officials. Let us help them in performing their jobs and in solving the problem we are facing. Let us not cause additional problem for them. We are in a war condition. Let us help one another. Let us help our public officials.

“Let us not take the current situation lightly or as joke. It is very, very serious. Let us do away with our frivolities. Let us sacrifice for the sake of our loved ones, our relatives, our friends, our countrymen, and our nation. STAY HOME TO AVOID INFECTION AND INFECTING OTHERS.

“With our collective efforts and with God’s help, we will survive.”

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