Pegasus blasts ‘fake news’ that a senator was seen at ‘ultimate men’s club’


Pegasus management strongly denied social media posts that alleged a government official was spotted last March 16 at the self-proclaimed “ultimate men’s club”.

“Beware of fake news circulating on social media that a government official was seen inside our establishment on March 16 when in fact we issued a notice of temporary suspension of operations from March 14, 2020 until April 14, 2020,” Pegasus said in a statement issued Saturday.

The statement didn’t identify the government official who was subject of the “fake news” but Pegasus’ Facebook page shared the post in question that claimed a certain senator visited the popular adult KTV bar in Quezon City, resulting to its staff supposedly being placed under quarantine.

The establishment stressed that its commercial operations were already suspended after the announcement of the community quarantine in the National Capital Region by President Rodrigo Duterte on March 11, 2020 as a measure to stem the spread of COVID-19.

“Unfortunately, information on social media regarding a government official who was allegedly seen at the establishment on March 16, 2020 has started to circulate through a fake announcement that used the establishment’s logo. Please beware of fake news,” Pegasus said.

Pegasus also said it would like to state on record that it “abhors the use of fake information as irresponsible and damaging, not only to the company but also to the people whose names were mentioned in those malicious information.”

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