Vice Ganda: ‘Wag tayo mag-away-away sa panahong ito’


Vice Ganda has called for a “ceasefire” to the war of words on social media as the country grapples with an unprecedented public health crisis due to the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

As the entire island of Luzon is placed under an enhanced community quarantine, resulting to jobs and lives seemingly put on hold, the verbal tussles online have not waned however.

In a series of tweets that have since gone viral, the comedian urged everyone to stop fighting each other at this critical time of being a Filipino, as well as acting like we’re the only ones who genuinely care for the country.

“Wag tayong mag-away-away. Lalong lalo na sa panahong ito. Di makakatulong. Wag tayong magsalita na parang tayo lang ang tama, ang matalino at magaling. Wag tayong umasta na parang tayo lang ang may pagmamahal at malasakit sa kapwa, sa bayan at sa mundo.”

He believes everyone has the same intention, which is to somehow survive this COVID situation, but just don’t share the same method and approach to achieving it.

“Sa oras na to naniniwala ako na lhat tayo ay pareho lang ang intensyon. Yun ay ang makaraos at makatulong sa sitwasyon kahit papaano. SADYANG MAGKAKAIBA LANG TAYO NG MGA PARAAN AT ATAKE. Lahat tayo ay nagdadasal na matapos na ang krisis na ito,” Vice wrote.

Vice added that one’s compassion and care for other people should not be limited to a certain segment of the society, but should be all-encompassing.

He requested the public to practice a little more patience in these trying times.

“Hindi lang sa mga ‘walang makakain’ tayo dapat may compassion. Dapat sa lahat. OO SA LAHAT. Pati sa mga pinaparatangan nating walang compassion. Pahabain natin ang pang unawa sa isat isa. The more na nagagalit tyo mas humihina ang ating immune system. CALMNESS IS STRENGTH.”

He ended his tweets with a quip and an advice: “Ceasefire muna tayo sa patalinuhan at pabobohan. Kahit mawala ang virus kung magpapatayan naman tayo e wala ring makakasurvive.

“Hingang malalim. Gawing donasyon ang pang unawa. God bless everybody. This too shall pass.”

Meanwhile, the TV host said that as response to the call of the national government for solidarity from the private sector, he said his company Vice Cosmetics is committing financial assistance for its workforce of more than 400.

“This will be in a form of early release of 13th month pay and service incentive leaves, loan deferment where applicable and non-conditional cash assistance program,” he said in a statement.

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